O Acivro is formed by a group of rural accommodations that grew in the same way of Santiago, to be more exact in the kilometer 20,7.

Everything began in a farmer house of the rural Galician that with the arrival of the XACOBEO 93 turned into a rural house for all those that needed a break on the way to rest and enjoy of the nature.

Nowadays, it has a group of apartments created in 1998 with all the necessary services so that the guests fell as in his house.

The most recent arrival is the rural hotel in March of 2018 that has 8 rooms to enjoy the rural with a touch of modernism.

We don´t have to forget our restaurant created in the 2003 just at the side of the rural accommodations that, together with them, form some ideal surroundings to replace strengths.



The acivro or acebo is a very present bush in the Galician mountain and at present finds in danger of extinction.


Has a big ecological importance and in the celtic traditions.


His fruit is food of a lot of animals but dangerous for the human.


In our complex you can find a lot by different zones, could you find them?